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Howard Snaith, Otterburn, Northumberland

Last Update: 25/05/2020.

Fleet livery is all over white, with magenta and purple graphics.

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Registration Chassis Body Livery Seating Layout Depot Notes
DV 7890 Leyland Lion n/k period blue/cream with Snaith's blue fleet names n/k   Preserved.
CEB 140V Ford R1014 Plaxton Supreme n/k C31F   Preserved, under restoration.
C350 DND Volvo B10M-61  Plaxton Paramount Fleet C57F   Preserved. New to Smith, Wigan.
V763 EFT Volvo B10M-62 Plaxton Premiere 320 Fleet C57F    
SN04 THS Van Hool Atromega TD927 Integral Fleet CH63/24Ft Otterburn New as OU59 AUO to Stagecoach Oxfordshire.
B19 TDX Van Hool Atromega TDX27 Integral Fleet      
YN06 RVV Volvo Plaxton Fleet C57F    
SF57 XFX Volvo B12B Plaxton Panther Fleet C49FLt   New to Park's of Hamilton as HSK 655.
YN08 NKT Volvo B12M Plaxton Fleet C53F    
YN09 DXZ Volvo B7R Plaxton Profile Fleet C70FL    
SNA 117H Volvo B??RT Plaxton Elite Fleet      
YN11 AXA Volvo B9R Plaxton Elite Fleet C49Ft    
YN11 AXB Volvo B7R Plaxton Profile Fleet C70F    
YN12 BBO Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther Fleet C57F    
HO13 WRD Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther Fleet C53Ft Otterburn Ex reg. YN13 GZX
H017 WRD Irizar i8 Integral Fleet C57Ft n/k