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Tyne Valley Coaches, Acomb, Northumberland

Last Update: 06/06/2020.

Fleet livery is all over blue with fleet names, and fleet livery (white) is an inverted version.

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Registration Chassis Body Livery Seating Layout Depot Notes
  Volvo? Plaxton Paramount Fleet (blue)   Acomb Stored, possibly for preservation.
XSY 405 Volvo B10M-62 Plaxton Premiere 320 white with light blue fleet names C53F Acomb New to Gordon, Rotherham, ex reg. R185 TKU.
PSU 414 Bova Futura Integral Fleet (white)   Acomb  
WSU 221 Volvo B12M Plaxton Paragon Fleet (white) C49Ft Acomb Ex reg. VU03 VVW.
WOV 779 Volvo B12M Plaxton Paragon Fleet (white)   Acomb  
XSV 298 Volvo B10M Plaxton Panther Fleet (blue) C48Ft Acomb New to National Holidays as W202 EAG (fleet no. 202).
NSU 969 Volvo B10M Van Hool Alizee T9 Fleet (silver)   Acomb  
IRZ 9622 Mercedes-Venz Vario O814D Plaxton Cheetah Fleet (white)   Acomb  
XSV 219 Iveco Eurorider 397E.12.35 Plaxton Paragon brown/cream with fleet names C53F Acomb Ex York Pullman, Rufforth. Ex reg OU55 GUK.