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Ellenvale, Fletchertown, Cumbria

Last Update: 14/09/2020.

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Registration Chassis Body Livery Seating Depot Notes
IIW 828 Volvo B10M-60 Jonckheere Deauville   C51Ft Fletchertown Ex reg. H47 VNH. Seating stated as when new, may differ.
L10 TCC Volvo B10M-62 Plaxton Premiere 320 white C57F Fletchertown Withdrawn.
PDZ 1029 Volvo B10M-62 Plaxton Premiere white C50F Fletchertown Ex reg. N248 HWX. New to Wallace Arnold.
P89 JYC Dennis Javelin 12SDA Plaxton Premiere white C55F Fletchertown  
KP51 SYR Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Mini Pointer white  B29F Fletchertown  
MV54 GGE Mercedes-Benz Vario O814D Onyx white  C24F Fletchertown New to Houston, Lockerbie.
MIL 2529 Scania K114EB4 Irizar PB white  C49Ft Fletchertown Ex reg. YN05 GZA
HIG 2499 Ford Transit Integral white    Fletchertown Ex reg. GX07 FJO.
H7 HWC Optare Solo 780SE Integral white  B16F Fletchertown Ex reg. YJ58 CEN.
D8 PSV Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Integral cream   Fletchertown Ex reg. GX64 FUY.
PO17 BTX Renault Master Integral white   Fletchertown